Monday, October 24, 2005


Simon was visited by his Aunt and Uncle along with his Grandparents evey day since awakening. Mrs. Macvey who was always with him, looked very stressed and Simon had never seen his mother so tired and emotional before. Along with relatives, a constant stream of doctors would visit him at random hours every day. He was gradually filled in on what had happened. About six months ago he passed out in the back of the car, his mom didn't notice untill they stopped at the hospital for his check-up. Simon winced when he heard this part, imagining his mom crying and thinking he was dead while the paramedics arrived. The whole ting sickened him. Emergency surgery was performed as quickly as possibly but the doctors didnt know if he could make it through the night. As he lay there in the PICU his pulse dropped dangerously low, and for a couple minutes the machines record show no pulse at all, and if that wasn't strange enough (this was where the doctors explaining this to him began to get confused and mumble) an unexplained fire broked out right outside his door. The fire damaged the life support machines and yet no one could explain how he was still living.
A couple of days later, he was visited by the hospital Psychologist. The doctor asked him a few questions on how he was doing, Simon explained that he was glad he was alive and was very confused. The short answer seemed to satisfy the psychologist, who seemed in a hurry, and so he hurridly told Simon that,
"If he ever wanted to talk, me or any other pyschologist are ready to listen."
Simon thanked him and he left.
That night he dreamed a peculiar dream. He was standing across from a person who had a mask of a fox on their head. The person evidently was a girl as she was also wearing a long red skirt. She drew close to him, took his hand and then turned to walk up a hill. He followed, mysteriously drawn to the girl. When they reached the top, the girl spread her hands to show him a valley. He looked and there was hundreds of silver and white figures fighting. When he looked closer, he noticed that the silver beings seemed to shine inheritly while the white ones were only white. He noticed that the war was being fought with medieval weapons, he could not see the faces of the silvers because of the brightness. As for the whites, they wore faces that seemed nice to look upon, for a second, and then it sent a chill down your spine and fear would strike. Simon turned towards the girl, searching a meaning only to find the mask not on her face. She had a straight brown hair and a young pretty face with freckles on her nose. Her eyes were the color of old green and brown, like wise seaweed. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear:
"Job once said 'The price of wisdom is above rubies'."
Then she kissed him on the cheek and he awoke in his hospital bed. More confused and at peace then he ever had been in his entire life.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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