Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ideas, forces and inspiration

I thought above said video was brilliantly made. What creative things do I have to say?

Not much I guess. I'm getting involved in the school I find myself in.

I'm afraid, not out of fear, but out of respect and genuine knowledge of, powers I'm ignorant of.
Not a lot is worse than forgetting, or unknowingly ignoring, excluding and naively underestimating a power that holds great force and weight in one's life. Ideally I would most certainly like to safeguard myself against such dangers, however I know that I go through my day paying little attention to the silent, subtle yet grave threats to my well being. I really should compile a list, not so much to cultivate a nature of fear within me, but to encourage a nature of wariness, preparedness and diligence in my spiritual, intellect, emotional, physical and external self.

I like colors, different, varying colors and the effects they wreak upon me and others. Symbols and language too are particularly inspiring. I have to stop myself though, from turning around and investing my inspiration in indulgence of symbols and language alone--I should really focus a good deal of my inspiration into other means of communication and ideas little understood and widely cultivated. Unfortunately this usually means reading and researching (utilizing symbols and language) to find and figure out what exactly these ideas are. I need to think more about this and write privately upon this matter.

Until Thursday!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is incredible.

My respect for William Shatner went up 500%. He is now amazing. This is hilarious.

I am highly amused by the Spock & Kirk