Sunday, April 09, 2006

swans in ponds

elephant man just wants to live
he just wants to live in his own capacity

tell me, oh electronic servant
where can i find my next ordeal?
the next amusement ?
the next excitement?

swans in concrete man made ponds
piano keys- notes that fade
the waters green- the air is stuffy
a silent breeze that takes the edge away

..enough with sentimentality
dream me a reality
set me free from these chains
id like to walk round a corner
without hearing my own requiem
played by my own, very own
mind tune orchestra

on this brigade
under this sky
too many words that rhyme with sky
fly, try, my, sigh, die, nigh

it snows
its black
and i listen to a piece of track
thats raw
it leaves an impression
of dry whole grain bread
thats fallen in dirt
but your too hungry to care

back to my symphony
you didn't think i was crazy
untill you listened to these stringed words
rose gardens and salvation from land tied together at the bottom
of those concrete ponds made by men

men who invented those bright shiny lights
which command and entertain
brodcasted by signals from stations
connecting most of us while stuffing others
into boxes

like the guy who cleans the ponds
who feeds the swans
like the guy who feels for
the elephant man

its gone around
this is your thrill