Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Will you be my good

near the storytale edges 
by the lampshade shines
through the shutter spaces
on the calendar squares
in the doorway drafts

are the deep baptismal,
sighs of forgiveness

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer winds

i am the summer wind

long swept 'neath shadow dry alleys
I now leave burnt kisses on bare roads
and only stop for furious imaginary hitchhikers

my loneliness,
like the sweat of the mountain
only gathers dust and wanderers

my measure,
found in the backporch wood chimes
only gathers lazy aggravation

my purpose,
like the endless sunlit desert
only gathers questions, and boredom

my body,
found in singing windows, caves and ruins
only gathers echoes of mourning

hence released into hues of freedom
I now rush and drag at faces, leaves and clouds
and will only stop for her, the summer rain

i am the summer wind

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Love Poem 0.7: To the Perfect One

I felt the familiar night press down:
with its pale choke and irregular heaving,
the uncertain tempo of fear,
and dry stench of despair.

and then there was You.

Oh Eternal Dawn,
pray never leave me.
Whisper of Expectation,
let me cling to thee.

and the pain, becomes good
for it reminds me of You.

Oh Victor of Life!
Like you, make me wild!
Oh Laughter of Morning!
For you, may I sing!

and on half knees I wait,
by the tight shut door,
to find one glimpse of You.

Oh Unutterable Order,
grant thine mind to me.
Oh Delight of Harmony,
grant thine smiles to me.

and back and forth I'll pace,
with trembling grates of worship,
'till the coming of your promise,
'till the hope of sudden wonders.

Oh Simpleton of Beauty!
I'd be a fool for you.
Oh Wooer of the Broken!
I'm in love with you.