Sunday, December 04, 2011

Poem from September 2011

Newest poem. I shared it with my dear friend Casey who I so I wish I lived closer too. We'd have a much deeper friendship if we did I'm sure...he's one of those buddies who you can shoot the wind with but then have profoundly deep conversations with at the same time. He gave me some thoughts/suggestions for this poem so it's likely to grow and morph. This is version 1.2

Find the rest in your pain

I'm finding my rest in the pain.
With no cares but for the grace of springtime trees
With tussles of hair in the face of eastern winds
Just kids on the mind, their running and screeches
I'll take you to find a nook to share and crowd
With sweat and tears, breasts and ears.
I'm finding my rest in pain.

I'm holding the calm in the torment.
With no fear but for the little glory of a dark night
With roots of resolve steeped in the story of joy
Just youth on the mind, with its drums and cymbals
I'll take you to the window to kiss and swoon
With skin and hair, smiles and stares.
I'm taking my calm in my torment.