Monday, July 31, 2006


caught between middle ground
unexpected, unprepared

captured and spellbound
taunted and scared

by subjects and object I cannot unveil
I am not ready to explain my tale

yet here I am, ranting away
hoping somehow I'm making headway

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Radiohead's song, Creep contains the lines "your skin makes me cry." I always feel weak when I hear those words.

I love taking in beauty. I love being able to capture it and holding it captive. Whether that be in the form of words, of song or feelings, it matters not. I love being able to hold it, suspended in the air and observe the tenacious strenth glowing from within it. The curious rich culture behind every note and word is delicious. To breath in the rhythm of triumph as it breaks the fragile silence and emptiness. To feel, to experience an emotion conquer void apathy is an ever constant encouragement to my spirit. To feel passion, is like a surging inverted waterfall, a waterfall of fervor, fervor of ferocious satisfaction. The satisfaction of finally taking sight of your desire. The releasing of beauty has an effect on everything around it. Real beauty, when released, is like throwing sunflower seed into a world composed entirely of newspapers folded into origami shapes. If its a true sunflower seed, it will burn down everything around it, and then grow. Grow into beauty, brightening everything. Enlightening and glowing.