Wednesday, June 29, 2005

tips on constructive criticism

two posts anonymous person commented:
"You are a fruit cake. Boo hoo, your life is soooooo hard, you are sooooo different to everyone else... riiiiiight."

They claim I'm gay- as an insult more than a fact I'm guessing. hmmm..lame
"Boo hoo" -hehe this makes me always think of Casper the friendly ghost. Here it seems their trying to mock me. What a well thought through line.
"your life is so hard" -I would agree with them there
"your life is so different to everyone else" -again..nothing to argue about..'cept for the grammar thing there

Looking at this comment, then to analyze what kind of person who would write this. Someone who is hurt themselves, who is having a difficult time in life, and are not convinced that my problems are hard.. or not as hard as theirs.
God bless you and may he help you with whatever your problems may be, really. please.. if your going to comment at least come up with some good insults...and whoever you are. If you know me, dont post anonymous when mocking.. its cowardly..

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

some songs and then some

stiil working on the next bit of the story.. i believe reading "out of the silent planet" gave me a good deal of fuel along with watching some movies- across the river kwai (dont ask me how this inspired me.. maybe on the humor side of it all.. especially with the british always saying things like "blast!" -"jolly good fun" "jolly good show", "madness!" etc.) independance day.. again i dont know how this exactly inspired me..

been listening to some songs.. i think its about time to change the music video on here...
good songs to listen to that can be related to drugs.. and are for listening to while your on them (for pure surgical reasons of course)-from best to least based on experience:
Staralfur by Sigur Rus
Yellow by Coldplay
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beatles
Champagne Supernova by Oasis
Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles
Yellow Submarine by The Beatles
Paranoid Android by Radiohead
Burn one Down by Ben Harper

Monday, June 13, 2005


im working on the next story bit dont worry.. i know basically whats going to happen, its just working it all out in my mind.

I love listening to music in the dark, late at night. After a shower, after a pain fight, just lie in bed, listen to music and let my mind, heart and emotions run around and mingle with my imagination. I can easily identify my emotions, right now I feel frustrated, hurt and lonely. Ye, I have friends who visit me, I love visiting and talking for however short amount of time, but it brings up things inside me which hurt. My struggles are different, not exactly more difficult, just different and I can try to understand theirs but they can't comprehend mine.

One of the songs I have, is very special to me. When I listen to it, I wish I could bannish all my problems and not have to deal with the petty drama and requirements that 'must' live through in this post-modern culture. It just makes me want to break down, cry and ..basically, just sing love to God.
It's the theme song to the movie 'Brother Sun Sister Moon' ..about St. Francis.

Brother sun and sister moon,
I seldom see you, I can't hear your tune;
Preoccupied with selfish misery.

Brother wind and sister air,
Open my eyes to visions pure and fair,
That I might see the glories around me.

I am God's creature, of Him I am part,
I feel His love awakening my heart.

Brother sun and sister moon,
Often I see you, I can hear your tune;
So much in love with all that I survey.

I am God's creature, of Him I am part,
I feel His love awakening my heart.

I long for the moment, when I am set free of the bonds of my physical life, so that I may be welcomed into the presence of God, for Him to scoop me up in an embrace, while whispering "well done my good and faithfull son"